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Furygan Apalaches Motorcycle Trousers Review

  • 29 Jun 2024

When it comes to motorcycle gear, comfort and safety are paramount. The Furygan Apalaches Motorcycle Trousers are designed with these principles, making them an essential kit for any adventurous rider. Whether you're facing cold, rain, heat, or high speeds, these trousers promise to deliver unparalleled performance. This Race Leathers review will explore the features that make the Furygan Apalaches motorcycle trousers stand out.

High-Quality Construction

Durable Materials

The Furygan Apalaches trousers are constructed from high-tenacity polyester, ensuring they can withstand the rigours of long rides and harsh conditions. This durable material provides excellent abrasion resistance, which is crucial for rider safety.

Stretchable Panels

Stretchable material is incorporated between the legs and above the knees for added comfort and flexibility. This design feature allows for a greater range of movement without compromising protection. Whether navigating tight corners or cruising straight, these trousers adapt seamlessly to your movements.

Comfort in All Conditions

Removable Shoulder Straps

One of the standout features of the Furygan Apalaches trousers is their removable shoulder straps. These straps provide additional support and ensure the trousers stay in place during your ride. If you prefer a more streamlined look or feel more comfortable without them, remove them.

Thermal Membrane

Riding in cold weather can be challenging, but with the removable thermal membrane included in these trousers, you can stay warm and comfortable no matter how low the temperature drops. This feature makes the Furygan Apalaches trousers versatile enough for year-round use.

Waterproof and Breathable Membrane

These trousers are no match for rainy conditions, thanks to their waterproof and breathable membrane. This ensures you stay dry without feeling overheated or clammy inside your gear. The membrane effectively wicks away moisture while keeping external water out.

Advanced Ventilation System

AFS Adjustable Ventilation System

Temperature regulation is crucial when riding in varying weather conditions. The AFS (Air Flow System) adjustable ventilation system lets you easily control airflow through your trousers. Open the vents when hot to let cool air circulate, or close them when cold to retain warmth.

Customisable Fit

Waist Adjustment Tab

The waist adjustment tab on these trousers makes achieving a perfect fit simple. This feature lets you tighten or loosen the waistband according to your preference, ensuring maximum comfort during long rides.

Connecting Zippers

For those who prefer a full suit setup, connecting zippers enable you to attach your Furygan Apalaches jacket directly to your trousers. This enhances comfort and provides additional protection by preventing gaps between your jacket and pants.

Enhanced Safety Features

Adjustable Knee Protectors

Safety should never be compromised when it comes to motorcycle gear. These trousers' knee protectors are adjustable in three positions to align with your knees for optimal protection perfectly.

D3O® Knee and Hip Protectors

The inclusion of D3O® knee and hip protectors sets these trousers apart from many others on the market. These protectors comply with EN1621-1:2014 standards, offering superior impact protection while remaining flexible for comfortable wear.

Race Leathers Motorcycle Gear

In summary, the Furygan Apalaches Motorcycle Trousers offer an impressive blend of comfort, durability, and safety features that make them ideal for adventurous riders facing all kinds of conditions—cold weather rides through rain-soaked roads or high-speed adventures under scorching sunrays alike! Pair them with an Apalaches jacket from Furygan's collection; together, they form an unbeatable combination that readies you against everything Mother Nature throws!

Check out our full range of products, such as motorcycle clothing, motorcycle boots, motorcycle helmets, motorcycle gloves, motorcycle suits, motorcycle jackets and motorcycle trousers, which are available online or by visiting our Darwen store today. If you have any questions regarding any of our ranges, please call our customer service team at Race Leathers Motorcycle Gear store on 01254 704 000, and we will be more than happy to help.

If you're looking for motorcycle gear that doesn't compromise on any front—be it material quality construction details or advanced protective measures—the search ends here: invest today in owning a pair yourself and see the difference firsthand!


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